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Dropline menu

Our template supports three menu types:

  • GK menu
  • Dropline menu
  • Split menu

Each of these menus has different characteristic. It is important to know that in order to gain an additional functionality offered by "GK menu", a user has to install a plug-in which can be found in the rest-files package of a particular template.


In the modern world the main type of goods transportation is the maritime container transport. We provide container transport services in most of the world and, thanks to our links with foreign partners, we can ensure container transport on "door- to-door" terms, i.e. controling the process of transportation of your cargo on the full route.

At present days road transport takes huge part of international transport. This type of transport allows perform quick and flexible deliveries. It is preferable in case of shipments on short and middle distances. In most cases road shipments have ‘door-to-door’ arrangements. During past years number of road shipments arranged by our company counts to several thousand annually.

Railway transportation

This type of transportation is used mainly for the delivery of large consignments of goods as well as of large-capacity and oversized cargo. Moreover, railway transportation makes possible to optimize freight for cargo delivery on long distances. Our specialists in this field can offer you the most optimal tariffs.

Air transport

Air transportation is out of competition if fast delivery on long distances is necessary. In a view of rather expensive prime costs it is mostly used for the transportation of high-value goods or goods which need fast delivery.

Warehousing services

We provide the full range of warehousing services. In addition to the standard procedures we offer cargo inspection including weight and quantity control, marking, distribution and many other operations.